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As staff with Young Life Club Beyond, I will be on an American Military base in Germany,  helping run and organize; Young Life clubs, bible studies, events, weekend retreats and summer camps for Military Teens. 

Military Teens are constantly moving around, leaving friends, going through culture shock, having a parent deployed, dealing with change and having to "start over". My goal for when they are at my base, is that they will leave with the one thing that will never change, the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. 

-Abby Weaver 

About Young Life Club Beyond

Young Life Club Beyond was established in 1980s though the partnership of Young Life and Military Youth Community Ministries. From 1980 to 1990 the program grew from 2 communities to 18 communities in the United States and Europe, reaching over 10,000 students. Today Club Beyond continues to strive to serve the families and students of those who so bravely serve our country every day.

Club Beyond serves these families in 4 main ways; club, campaigners, contact work and camp.

  • Club is a once a week meeting filled with games, songs, skits, laughs, building friendships, and the message of the gospel. It is a time where students can have fun, feel welcomed, feel safe, and  grow in their own faith and in community.
  • Campaigners is a smaller group, separated by age and gender, where students can go deeper into the word of God, ask questions about the club talk that was given that week, or just about life. This a time we encourage students to ask questions and engage in with us and their peers about their faith and life.
  • Contact work can be done in several different ways. It can be going and eating lunch with military teens at school, cheering them on from the stands at a their sporting event, going and getting ice cream with a group at the food court on the base. My goal is to be available for military teens so that they see that I genuinely care and more importantly that the Lord cares about them so much more.
  • Camp is the best of your life. This will be a trip during the summer, for one week, where military teens can unplug from cell phones and computers, leave base and hopefully experience the Lord in a new way. Camp is filled with fun activities, games, theme nights, adventures, club meetings (see 1st bullet point) and so much more. At camp we have the opportunity to limit distractions and build stronger relationships between Club Beyond leader and military teens, military teens and other military teens, and all of us and Jesus.

Young Life Club Beyond is a non-profit organization, meaning that I am in the process of raising my own salary. Without people like you, who are willing and generous enough to support me through donations and pledges finically, serving these military teens would not be possible. By donating, you are not just giving to me, but to these military teens and families. You will be helping create a fun, safe and engaging atmosphere where military teens can gather and grow in life and in faith together. 

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