Luna Volleyball Academy - Winter Programs

Luna Volleyball Academy


Tuesdays: December 21st and 28th 5:00-6:00PM
Thursdays: December 23rd and 30th 5:00-6:00PM
This is NOT a beginner clinic, and this clinic is for players that want to take their back row game to the next level. This is a high-intensity one-hour clinic where you will make high-quality touches to tune your skills and enhance volley IQ. The Libero Academy will help you: Enhance your ball control level so that you can handle any ball in the back row - serve serve-receive, defense, free ball, transition balls, emergency balls. Learn proper passing and defense techniques to pass and dig any ball in all possible angles (deep, short, lateral, diagonal.) Learn back row-specific footwork (shuffle, cross over, linear acceleration, backpedal), as well as agility so that you can learn to change direction and keep balance playing back row. Learn to play emergency balls (diving in front, lateral and diagonal) so that you'll become a relentless back row player You'll discover your new back-row friends - your hands and fingers by learning overhead passing and defense. Increase your passing percentage and digging per set rate by working with pressure-game like drills (this is what coaches care about the most while recruiting) Improve your serving accuracy and aggressiveness. Acquire a relentless mentality while playing defense. You'll get an edge on how first-class back row players behave. Increase your volleyball IQ and volleyball EQ by picking the brain of a former Olympian, international, and professional player


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