Claire Nagel

ClaireVolleyball has been a huge part of Claire's life for many years. This will be her first year coaching with Victory, and she is excited about this new opportunity!

Claire played multiple sports for a number of years but made the decision to focus solely on volleyball once she started her club career. Claire played for other area clubs until at 16 she found and fell in love with Victory. She was Libero and co-captain for Victory's top 16's and 17's teams, and qualified for 2017 GJNC.

Victory has been such a huge source of joy for Claire, and she hopes she can help younger athletes find the same happiness from playing volleyball that she did.

Claire is a senior at Plano West High School, where her activities include HOSA along with participating in the Clinical Rotations and PALS programs.

Claire is so excited to be apart of this year's Victory team!


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