Fast 4's Tournament

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All ages

Friday, July 23rd 5:00-7:00

Cost: $20 per person or $80 per team

Come out for some fun 4's competition this summer! Net Results is holding its 5th Annual Fast 4's tournament on Friday, July 23rd. Come in with a team of 4 people and prepare to battle for the champion title! All ages are welcome to compete.

The tournament bracket will take into consideration the skill level of the teams participating. The bracket is not single elimination. Teams may leave the tournament at any time and are not required to stay until 7:00.

Players must register individually and either create their team (if they are the first of their team to register) or assign themselves to a team (if their teammate has already created their team). Make sure all 4 players on your team know the team name before registering.

Register for the Fast 4's Tournament Below:


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